Weddings at Holy Cross

We are honored and pleased that you are interested in being married at Holy Cross. Please note that we only provide weddings for our church members and their children. We do not accomodate destination weddings.

We want your wedding to be a significant and happy occasion for you, your families and your guests. As Anglicans we believe that, "Marriage is a lifelong covenant between a man and a woman, binding both to self-giving love and exclusive fidelity. The rite of Holy Matrimony is a worship service of the Church, in which the couple exchanges vows to uphold this covenant. They do this before God and in the presence of witnesses, who pray that God will bless their life together." (BCP 2019) The service may also include a homily and the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

Premarital counseling is required of all couples wishing to be married at Holy Cross. This counseling covers many topics of interest to a couple entering into marriage, and is helpful for preparing a strong and lasting marriage.  

For more information, please contact our wedding coordinator via the inquire button below. They will assist you with your questions, guidelines for the service, fee schedule and setting a date on the church calendar.


We only provide weddings for our church members and their children. We do not accommodate destination weddings.

Using the inquire button above, the couple should contact Holy Cross  to begin the process of being married at Holy Cross. The coordinator will discuss dates and church buildings available, review our wedding policies, and check on the availability of Holy Cross clergy. While Canon (Church) law requires a minimum of thirty (30) days notice to be given, it is advisable to make arrangements for a wedding as far in advance as possible to avoid scheduling difficulties. An advance notice of at least six months is recommended.

Please do not make plans, especially those which involve any expense to you, until you have gained the permission of a member of the clergy to have your marriage ceremony at Church of the Holy Cross.

The participation of clergy from another Christian church or denomination must be arranged with the clergy of Holy Cross.

The Church of the Holy Cross campus can accommodate 350 guests in the Traditional Church Building, 300 guests in the Great Hall, and 100 guests in the Historic Church Building. 

A bride’s room is available for the bride and her attendants to dress. The groom and his party are encouraged to arrive at the church dressed in their wedding attire. All personal belongings are to be removed from the rooms prior to the wedding. It is suggested that they be locked in the trunk of a car.

The Great Hall is available for wedding receptions. The bridal couple must provide all food, beverages (non-alcoholic), linens, china, crystal, flatware and silver. The premises must be left in ready condition for the next scheduled church activity. All wedding receptions utilizing the hall for receptions must be completed including removal of equipment and catering staff by 6:00 PM in order for our staff to prepare for Sunday worship.

A wedding cannot take place at Holy Cross without a Marriage License. The Bride and Groom must obtain a marriage license from the State of South Carolina. Bring all three copies to the church office at least one week prior to the rehearsal. These documents will be signed by the priest immediately after the ceremony, a copy given to the bridegroom, and the remaining copies mailed to the appropriate authority.

Our Wedding Coordinator works under the direction of the clergy and will work closely with the couple to help them understand the wedding customs of Holy Cross. They will be available for consultation during the planning period and will attend the rehearsal and the wedding to assist the clergy. You may contact them at or use the inquire button above to contact them.

Outside bridal consultants, professional or otherwise, while helpful in some areas of the wedding preparations, will not be permitted to have any role in either the rehearsal or the wedding ceremony at Holy Cross.

Holy Cross does not provide wedding bulletins, however, samples are available from the Wedding Coordinator. Please have your bulletin approved by the Wedding Coordinator or directly with the officiating priest prior to your wedding. A picture or logo of Holy Cross is available upon request.

The beauty and dignity of our Holy Cross buildings is such that little decoration is needed.

Flowers for the altar should conform to the guidelines of what is appropriate for Holy Cross. The arrangements can be as tall as the cross and as wide as the space in the consecrated vases. The couple may choose to leave the flowers for Sunday morning as a gift to the church. Flowers may be given in memory of or in thanksgiving for a person or event. Other flowers are not needed in the church, except those bouquets carried by or worn by members of the wedding party.  

Other decorations such as candleholders, pew markers, aisle runners, potted plants, palms or candles are not allowed.

Candles for the altar are provided by the Altar Guild, and these candles will remain in the normal positions on the Altar.   

Additional candles are not permitted.

Please do not move church furniture without the express permission of the Wedding Coordinator and clergy.

All music must be approved by the Holy Cross Organist and the officiating priest for your wedding. The music should be sacred and appropriate for a worship service. No secular music may be played or sung as part of the wedding ceremony. Recorded music is not recommended. 

Arrangements for music should be made with the Holy Cross Organist playing at the wedding (after the wedding date is placed on the church calendar). Music selections and proposals to use other musicians or soloists should be discussed with the organist during consultation. A current Holy Cross organist will be assigned for all weddings unless alternative arrangements are made with the clergy.

Any additional musicians or soloists may be selected with the approval of the Holy Cross Organist, who will rehearse with them prior to the wedding. Financial arrangements with guest musicians must be made directly with them.

Before the ceremony, one hour should be ample time for still photography, whether inside or outside the church.

Once the procession has begun, the photographer should not take any pictures. Flash photography is not allowed during the ceremony. 

After the ceremony, you will have approximately thirty (30) minutes for photography. 

Recording video of the ceremony may be done from the balcony in the Main Sanctuary or from a fixed position in the back of other worship spaces. Cameras may not be located directly in the aisles. 

The wedding rehearsal usually takes place the day before the ceremony and lasts approximately one (1) hour. All members of the wedding party, including children, are expected to participate in the rehearsal. The bride and groom are asked to see that everyone is on time and ready to begin at the appointed hour.

The officiating clergy will make plans ahead of time for a smooth rehearsal. The clergy will officiate at both the rehearsal and the wedding.  

Remember to inform the Wedding Coordinator how many pews are to be reserved for family.

Special instructions will be given to the wedding party as to arrival times for the day of the wedding.

If you plan to dress at Holy Cross, you should arrive one (1) hour before the ceremony. If you dress elsewhere, you should arrive thirty (30) minutes before the ceremony. 

All personal belongings are to be packed up and removed from the dressing rooms prior to the wedding ceremony. It may be helpful for you to assign someone to assist with this.  

No alcoholic beverages may be consumed and no smoking is allowed on the premises at any time.  

Please refrain from moving furniture or hanging clothing other than in designated places.