Daniel Island Launch


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January 2022 2022-23 Annual Report Update June 2023 October 2023 February 2024

September 2022: Launch announced

October 2022: Establish Launch Committee

November 2022: First meeting of Launch Committee & delegation of sub-committee leadership

December 2022: Second meeting of Launch Committee & first meetings of sub-committees

January 2023: First visit of church consultant and third Launch Committee meeting

March 2023: Church Assessment and follow up meeting with church consultant

April 2023: Church Assessment Report delivered with follow up suggestions given

Summer 2023: Share proposed by-laws with Diocese and draft Vision & Values, new staff roles assigned

Fall 2023: Incorporation of HCDI & proposed by-laws submitted to Diocese for final review, Vision and Values finalized

Winter 2023: Quit claim transferred to HCDI & budget finalized for 2024, Vestry selected

Spring 2024: Holy Cross welcomed as parish into ADOSC & installation of Rector, building expansion plan finalized and presented

Summer 2024: HIS School separates

Yes! This has been decided by the clergy and rector, and the Bishop is on board and given his blessing, and our search process for a new Rector is shaped by this decision also. It will happen! 

We’re close to having a better picture of that, but one thing is already clear. This is an area where the DI campus will need to grow up. It can no longer rely on mom and dad to pay for health insurance, car insurance, the cell phone family plan etc! However, as we did our initial study on this last summer the answer was that it was financially viable. While we will no longer be considered a large church in our diocese, we will still be two medium sized churches and have the ability to operate with healthy staff teams.

No. While it may mean we are a less staff led church, needing greater lay leadership, I do not see this as a bad thing. This will enable us to truly become the body of Christ, using the gifts and talents we have all been given

I don’t think so, or at least not because of our launch and the launch of SI… Still feel very much like Holy Cross. A place with joyful worship, a place with excellent preaching, a place where newcomers are warmly welcomed, a place where you quickly feel like you belong, a place with a desire to share the gospel, a place that seeks to make disciples that make disciples…

Yes! I am sure that there will still be some things we do together for the sake of fellowship and expediency. 

We don’t know yet. While one friend did suggest Holier Cross, or Holiest Cross… we just don’t know. That is a discussion we are yet to have, and one that will be had once we discern our vision and our values.

The number one thing is to add this launch to your daily prayers. But also the search for a new Rector for SI and the future of Holy Cross in general. The future is bright if we will seek God’s will and not our own, and trust him in this season of change.