Faith that flourishes

...that's what parents want for their children. But how do parents nurture this kind of vibrant relationship between their children and Jesus? At Holy Cross, we want to give families the practical support they need to connect their children’s hearts with the heart of God. We’re all in this together!

Spiritual Parenting

You would never set off on a trip without a map—and the journey of guiding children in their faith is no different. Parents walk away from these classes understanding how real faith can be cultivated in real-life. We explore eleven environments that parents create in their homes that allow the Holy Spirit to meet with their children. The course is required for kids to be baptized at Holy Cross, but it’s a profoundly encouraging experience for parents at any age or stage of the process.


Dive in. Your child—no matter what age—is invited to become a part of God’s family through the sacrament of baptism. Baptisms are done in the company of our church body, because our personal faith exists in community. We can’t wait for your child to take this first step in their faith walk.

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Bring on the fun! These full-family workshops dive deeper into each environment that parents create at home to nourish faith. Families will leave with real-world tools that enable them to easily create these environments at home:

  • Course Correction: 3 years+
  • Responsibility: 4 years+
  • Identity: Kindergarten+
  • Storytelling: 1st & 2nd grade+
  • Modeling: 3rd grade+
  • Love and Respect: 4th grade+
  • Service: 5th grade+
  • Community: 6th grade+
  • Out of the Comfort Zone: 7th & 8th grade+

Family Confirmation

As your child’s relationship with the Lord grows, the time will come when they want —and need—to make a public, personal profession of their own faith in Jesus. Family confirmation class walks families through the process of helping high school students launch out on their own independent journey of faith. After the conclusion of the classes, students receive the laying on of hands by our Bishop and are sent out into the world to share the love of the One who has, “loved them with an everlasting love.”

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